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Professional drifter Corey Hosford, professional videographer Sam Nalven aka Drift Idiot and professional auto parts designer Paco Ibarra talk about drifting, professional drifting, Formula Drift, grassroots drifting, sim drifting and international drifting. New special guests on every episode like pro drivers Chris Forsberg, Vaughn Gittin Jr, Ryan Tuerck and Fredric Aasbo, team owners like Stephan Papadakis, event organizers like Ryan Sage and David Egan and other motorsports personalities.
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Mar 28, 2017
EPISODE 53: Papa’s Impressive Machine with special guest Stephan Papadakis On today’s episode we talk to Stephan Papadakis about the big reveal of 2017, Fredric Aasbo’s new Toyota Corolla IM drift car. He also tells us more about his origins as a street racer and his evolution from street drag to professional drifting. We also […]
Mar 21, 2017
EPISODE 52: Dublin Down with special guest David Egan from Irish Drift Championship and British Drift Championship After a long St. Pattrick’s day weekend, we had to finish it with the man behind the Irish Drift Championship, David Egan. Who also runs the British Drift Championship and just recently made some big announcements about rule […]
Mar 14, 2017
EPISODE 51: The Stunner Dealer Stoneback with special guest Geoff Stoneback Today we have huge announcements from Geoff Stoneback, who also gets personal on his upbringing as a member of the Stoneback Stunners family, his good friend Mark Lennardon’s RX7 build with Tony Angelo and his plans for 2017. Enjoy!!       Become a […]
Mar 7, 2017
EPISODE 50: The Nishida Show with special guest Robbie Nishida We had a horrible computer crash while working on the video version and we lost everything, sorry guys 🙁 On this episode we go to Japan and talk to Robbie Nishida.. mostly because we wanted to know more about Daigo, but oh well… All kidding […]
Feb 28, 2017
EPISODE 49: Getting Litteral with Ryan with special guest Ryan Litteral Today we literally have Formula Drift’s Hot Boi, Ryan Litteral. We got an in depth perspective on moving into professional drifting without loosing the style or commitment to the sport. Literally an episode you can’t miss. Enjoy!!     Photo by Kyle Pope Please […]
Feb 21, 2017
The Facts with Forsberg with special guest host Chris Forsberg Today we have Chris Forsberg visiting Arizona to correct all our mistakes once and for all, he also talks about the old days of professional drifting and talks about his plans for Sam’s drift car. Enjoy!!     Become a Patron! Our Patreon: Thanks […]
Feb 7, 2017
The Slayer of Chairs with special guest Rob Parsons Today we have a very special guest. Mr. Chairslayer himself, Rob Parsons. The wheelchair bounded Hoonigan who caught the world by surprise with his hand controlled drift car, amazing fabrication skills and electronics knowledge which he used to build this awesome machine all by himself. A […]
Jan 31, 2017
Alternative Drift Facts with special guest hosts, Ken Gushi, Ryan Lantaigne and Jensen Argyle III Today we have a very special episode with 3 guest hosts who happened to be in town the same day. Ken Gushi, Pro driver since day 1 of Formula Drift, Ryan Lantaigne, Formula Drift judge and Jensen Argyle III, Formula […]
Jan 24, 2017
1 Year Anniversary / Fan Appreciation Episode Today is our 1st Anniversary!! And this time we did something different by starting with a little background about us and then by calling our friends from the audience… And the results were hilarious!!! Enjoy! Become a Patron! Our Patreon: Thanks for your support!   Watch the […]
Jan 17, 2017
A Team Has No Name with special guest with special guest John Hoyenga of Nameless Performance We are back guys!! And today we give you the announcement of our partnership with AEM Intakes, tell you about our Patreon, and finally we have John Hoyenga from Nameless Performance to tell us about what it takes to […]
Dec 20, 2016
Live For Stream with special guest Jeff Harper from Formula Drift’s Livestream Today we have a very special episode with possibly the most hated person on FD next to the judges… but in reality we don’t care about the people who hates because Jeff Harper is the reason why we can watch Formula Drift for […]
Dec 13, 2016
The First Rule of Donut Media is you Donut talk about… with special guest Jacob Agajanian from Donut Media. This time we talk toone of the creators of Donut Media, Jacob Agajanian. He tells us what it takes to create successful drift videos, and overall awesome motorsports related content, as well as tips to what […]
Nov 29, 2016
The Star of the Lone Drifting with special guest Aaron Losey. Aaron Losey is the man behind Lone Star Drifting in Texas, the series that has been implementing the Dejager system whithout qualifying rounds and also giving a trip to Ebisu for the winner of the series. We talked about many things including the preservation […]
Nov 15, 2016
How is Danny George with special guest Danny George. He is coming to make drifting great again, he is hated by many and loved by many more, he said a lot of things about women, and minorities, yet he is the new face of Formula Drift Pro 2, the most unexpected comeback of the history… […]
Nov 8, 2016
The Lean Mean Dean Drift Machine with special guest Dean Kearney. From Ireland with love! The Irish drifter with the most cylinders on Formula Drift, Dean Karnage Kearney and his supercharged Dodge Viper, balls to the walls, the luck of the Irish… well you get the point Enjoy!!   Watch the Video version here: COMING […]
Nov 1, 2016
Dajiban is Ichiban with special guest Alexi Smith “Noriyaro”. Today we have a special episode for you. Today is Halloween and we are all in full costume!! Also, as soon as Sam said the word Dajiban, Noriyaro’s spider sense tingled and gave us a call. So we took the opportunity to ask him about Halloween […]
Oct 25, 2016
Get out of my head and Gittin to my car with special guest Vaughn Gittin Jr. On today’s episode we speak to the professional fun haver, Vaughn Gittin Jr. Who just finished third overall at Formula Drift. He is going to tell you what does it take to become a professional driver, the importance of […]
Oct 18, 2016
Protein Style and Hughes Gains with special guests Blake Olsen and Dylan Hughes On today’s episode we have two ProAm drivers who are moving up to Pro 2, each one of them comes from a different school of drifting, yet both have a very similar approach on hot to attack the Formula Drift Pro 2 […]
Oct 12, 2016
Formula Driftcast with special guests Chris Forsberg and Matt Field The season is over! And to close Formula Drift what a better way than to talk to the Champion Chris Forsberg and the man who helped him win by defeating Fredric Aasbo, who also ended up winning 1st place at Irwindale, Matt Field!! Enjoy!! Watch […]
Oct 4, 2016
Keeping Up with the Joneses with special guest Jeff Jones On this episode we talk to Jeff Jones, the man who is capable of running both Formula Drift and Formula Drift Pro2 at the same time with the smallest available budget!! How?? Well, probably because of the enormous amounts of money that Doc (his energizing soda […]
Sep 27, 2016
Kiss my Bakchis with special guest Odi Bakchis Today we had the soft spoken man who drives like a mad man. Aurimas “Odi” Bakchis, who was visiting Phoenix for our annual Boost Fest 2016, so we woke up early (except Paco) prepared some mimosas and rambled for a couple hours about everything but drifting. Well, […]
Sep 20, 2016
Everybody Loves Kugayman with special guest Faruk Kugay Today we talk to a man whose name hasn’t really shined in Formula Drift, yet everybody has heard of him, maybe not for good reasons initially but you can tell that the good things are starting to come up. The name is Faruk! The last name doesn’t […]
Sep 13, 2016
Dan’s Guide to Professional Drifting with special guest Dan Brockett This time we had a visitor from New Mexico who came to Phoenix just to buy a table from Ikea, so we took the opportunity since Sam was out of town again to have him join us for a very special episode. Dan Brockett also […]
Sep 6, 2016
The King of Labor Day with special guest Pat Goodin Our favorite dude, the king of spring break, Patrick Goodin!! The man who did it at GridLife and now is ready to take over Formula Drift Texas!! Pat is a driver like no other, just a guy with a great heart and lots of passion […]
Aug 30, 2016
Maximum Gridcast special episode from GridLife South at Road Atlanta. So…. where to start???? This was by far our most awesome weekend! (Except Sam, whose best weekend was the first time he had a cheesy gordita crunch from Taco Bell). GridLife South was kind enough to fly us to Road Atlanta to announce the drift […]
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